How to Set My Photo On Android Notification Bar 2022

Hello friends, welcome once again to my website Shree Techz, today I am going to tell you about an application by which you can Set your photo on your mobile notification bar easily. So you want to learn more about this trick please read this article till end.

Will ask because the ringtone made from this application is absolutely metal, which you will not get anywhere else, then friends, let's know about this application, friends, you can install this application by searching FDMR on Google Play Store, friends, if you find it here If there is any problem in doing something, then you can download this application only by clicking on the download button given below and you can download it by visiting the link of  then friends are amazing application and friends this application You can download it very easily from Google Play Store friend, it is very easy to use this application, let us know further in this tape how we can download this application and how to use it.

How to Use the App?

After opening, when friends will coupon this application, then the application will earn some permission from you, then simply solve it, then friends, let us know how to make ringtone of your village or someone else's name.

Friends, you will open this application as you open this application, after asking permission from you, you will get to see some such interface as shown in the video that you do not have to do anything, you will see the search option option below, just enter your name like name You will put the Fiction here by making all its ringtones ready, if friends, if you have any problem in making ringtone, then by commenting below, I will definitely give your reply.

Friend and below you will see another option why you can change the music of your ringtone, you want loudly in remix, you want set, whatever you want.

How to download this application?

Friends, it is very easy to download this application, first of all you have to download this application by clicking on the given download button, as you download this application, then you will click on the download button.

Please wait Just 15 Seconds.

Friends, if you do not download this application from anywhere else, because if you start from somewhere else, then you will get to see another duplicate application which will not work well and you will have to worry.
download this application by clicking on the given download button, as you will download it, you have to open the application

And friends can download it automatically since your ringtone is made, you will not like friends in direct phone, if you click on sister, then you will see a download option because you have to download it there as if your ringtone will be downloaded. then you can use it in your phone.

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